Reinhart PaelinckEver since he made his first steps on the beach, Reinhart Paelinck (21) has been fascinated with ‘flying’ objects. Even as a kid he already built dozens of single-line kites in all possible colors and shapes, evolving towards the design of power- and surfkites in 2005. His favorite sports also include some kites: kitesurfing, kite-mountainboarding, […]
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2011 !
Airborne Wind Energy Conference 2010On September 28 & 29 2010 I attended the “Airborne Wind Energy Conference 2010″ as a speaker.[...]
Project SkywalkerIn the summer of 2010 I designed a 9m², high performance surfkite. Its Aspect Ratio of 6 makes it the ideal machine for racing and hangtime !
KitePowerMy master thesis project about generating energy by the means of large kites.
Making a KiteMaxime Desmet, Lothar Legon and Preben Verledens made a ‘short’ movie about the production process of my trainer kites
BizIdeeThe businessplan I wrote for my Kitepower project got me the second place in the flemish entrepreneurship contest Bizidee !
Cordless Hairdryer (DYSON)During the INNOVATIEWEEK of 2010, two students, Reinhart Paelinck and Sebastian Schulte, designed the conceptual Dyson Cordless hairdryer.
Hairroom Van Wauwe
Deluxe vs. StandardIn 2008, Flysurfer introduced a ‘Deluxe’ version of their soft kites, promising :”The lighter cloth radically increases canopy stability, turning speed and light wind performance of every kite in our line!” Is this true? Read more !
Nissan Cube Design ContestThe Nissan Cube Design Contest was organised on the Brussels Motor Show “Autosalon 2010″
The Not Pro KiteboardersA video-project with Corneel Deschacht and Robin Chapman, about our kitesurfing sessions… work in progress !
CultXC animationSkywalk AS-Speed System from Flysurfer Kiteboarding on Vimeo.
Vlaamsche VerzekensIn the summer of 2009 I did the layout and drawings for the book ‘Van Vlaamsche Verzekens, Sagen en Sterreliedekens’, by Katleen De Vylder. Check for the end result!
Kitestival 2009The second edition of the Rein-Art Kitestival was a great succes. With 30 brands promoting their latest gear, a nice breeze and a lot of pro-kitesurfers there was a nice spectacle on the beach of De Haan! Check out the pictures on
Twinsclub 2009
Flysurfer Christmas Riddle Week 4This animation was sent in as an entry for the fourth week of Flysurfer’s Christmas Riddle, and it got me the first place!
Happy New Year 2009This is the christmas/new years card I designed for my mom to send to the friends/family for 2009. Large version incuding text (dutch)  here:
Rein-Arc ResearchIn 2008 I started working on the successor of my 14m Rein-Arc surfkite.
Flysurfer Christmas Riddle Week 3For the third week of Flysurfer’s Christmas Riddle I made a comic to illustrate the (dis)advantages of Flysurfer kites in a funny way.
Smart MechanicsThe assignment of the first half of the 1st master in Product Development was to design an automated fuel station, mine was called ‘Retrof!LL’.
Cardboard Rocking chairIn the workshop week of 2008 David Schenk and I designed some conceptual cardboard furniture, this was our final result.
WorkshopSince last year I’m giving some kite-building workshops in ‘Klas2a’ of Stephanie, which are real fun!
European ChampionshipFor  the 2008 European Championship patin a vela I was asked to design all publicitary materials; a booklet, posters, banners,…
SwellRecently I was interviewed by Swell Magazine about my activities as a kite designer and organiser of the Kite Testival. This article can be read HERE
Mini Patin a VelaFor the Belgian Championship Patin a Vela I designed a trophy in the shape of the catamaran. Afterwards I made two colored versions for some competitors.
TestivalOn July 12th I organised a kite-happening in De Haan aan Zee, my homespot.  All kiters were welcome to test different types and brands of kites… More info and pictures on: (dutch)
Trainer KitesWhen I was asked to design a trainer kite for the local kite school I didn’t hesitate for a second! The 2008-version is available in 2.5m², 1.5m² and 1m²… More info on the Trainer Kite Website.
BowlThe final bachelor assignment was to design a container to transport cold-hot food to a remote location.
Rein-Arc 14More videos of the Rein-Arc can be found on my youtube channel
Happy New Year 2008 !
Cold CoverThe Cold Cover, assignment nr.1 in the third bachelor as ‘structural design: collapsibles’, is designed to protect tropical plants outside of their natural habitat against extreme temperatures…
Fox 5.0Designed to be my high wind depowerable kite-mountainboard kite in 2007…
Cabrinha Design ContestThe dutch ‘Kitesurfmagazine’ and Cabrinha Int. organised a design contest in 2007 with the task to design an innovative kite… I won with this concept: X-tern !
C-ComplexFor their ergonomics assignment, Reinhart Paelinck and David Schenk designed a revolutionary shower
PackagingSecond assignment in the second bachelor year was my personal favorite… the design of a presentation package for flower bulbs !
3D Modeling AdvancedThis bicycle horn was my end assignment for the course called ’3D modeling advanced’, which involves creating organic shapes with surfaces in the NURBS-CAD software Rhinoceros. Rendered in Vray.
Tension Control SystemThis design for the first assignment in the second bachelor year was a system to adapt the tension on the mast support cables on small dinghys in a fast, simple and very accurate way.
25 Years JojoFor their 25th anniversary wooden toy-shop JoJo asked me to design a tower made from Kapla; they also asked a number of other people like Jo Crepain to do exactly the same thing… Also some of my kites were to be seen at this exposition…
DamselflyDesigned in 2006 to be my light-wind kite. Building plan: Damselfly
Wilkinson WaspThe mission in this assignment was to combine the characteristics of an animal with those of an existing product into a new product that has the looks of both. My combination was a razor (Wilkinson Sword Quattro) and a Wasp. The 1:1 scale model is made in PolyStyrene foam.
SpeakerThis project was all about styling a speaker to fit to a selected type of music, in this case Classical music. The scale model is made in PolyStyrene foam.
Sun-Moon-StarDesigned in 2005 as my all-round kite.
CroissantMy first Single skin hybrid kite, used for kite-landboarding purposes.  Designed in 2004.
Dragon KiteThis is my first attempt at building a lightwind single line kite. It’s a modified version of a traditional Genki Kite with an added inflated dragon body-shaped windsock. Created in 2004.
Bean 2,5
MuppetWhen I was 10 years old I made this muppet character as a movable puppet (as seen on television in ‘the muppet show’).
PuppetA long time ago -don’t recall exactly- I made this puppet together with my grandfather.
Stamp DryerThis is one of my first ‘real’ inventions, built when I was 7 years old.  It was used to dry stamps  after they were  steamed off  their envelopes.
Curriculum VitaeName: Reinhart Paelinck, Year of birth: 1989, Current Position: Research Assistant and Phd. researcher @ KULeuven
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